High Precision Touch Control

Armadillo was born as a experimental hack & DIY (doit yourself) touch-screen software/hardware project to control knobs and sliders over VCV Rack, and now extended to any VSTs and any  DAWs. Armadillo can control anything without the need to create MIDI mappings. The instantaneous control over any parameter makes it a small great utility for live performances or studio. Armadillo is a great touch-screen complement to your MIDI hardware controllers.

Do It Yourself

Armadillo software works in conjunction with a piece of hardware named “THE BLACK BOX”, but do not worry, it’s nothing else than a simple and cheap Arduino board powered by USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. You do not need to solder or program, just buy an Arduino Leonardo R3 board valued around 7 dollars on EbayThe programming process (flashing Arduino) is super simple, and does not require previous knowledge. 
Do you want go beyond?
Add some extra fun with leds or lasers to Armadillo air gestural manipulations to give a great fun and look at your live performances.

Touch Devices And Screen Resolutions Supported

From gorgeous MS Surface line, to any  affordable OEM touch computers. Armadillo can run on any PC,  capacitive touch device or monitor is highly suggested, but also work on IR touch frames.  Minimum resolution 1280×768, full HD suggested, UHD resolutions supported.

OS Compatibility

Armadillo works on MS Windows 10, there is no official support for Windows 8 and no guarantee Armadillo correct operation and support under MS Windows 8, even when it will surely work correctly. No  compatible with Windows 7. No macOS support planned.