COVID-19 has already changed our reality and our life, I do not want to stay away from what is happening around the world.
I have made the decision to reduce the price of my software to $4.99 for a limited time.

Best wish to all, we must take care of ourselves and overcome this bad moment and specially, be positive and please follow the rules of your governing healthcare authorities.

Pablo Martin.



Today announced that on Aug. 9th, 2019, it entered an agreement to partner with Touch Innovations, LLC., a Non-Profit multi-touch hardware manufacturer dedicated to creating unique experiences for DJ’s, Performing Artists, and more. This newly founded partnership will compliment both company’s products and services as Touch Innovations will promote product Chameleon.

The Chameleon software is a powerful Multi-Touch Controller Designer and Performance program created for performing artists looking to
customize their workflow.

“I very excited to offer Chameleon to TI and their end-users. This partnership will provide them a solid resource to their previously discontinued software Emulator2”

The new partnership goes into effect immediately. Offering all pre-existing and future software users a supported solution with a broad array of features. Chameleon, designed by Pablo Martin, is the perfect solution for multi-touch DJ’s, VJ’s, Lighting Techs, Music Producers and more.
“Given our history together, it makes total sense to partner up. Our customers need a solid software solution to use with our hardware and Pablo Martin created just that.” says, TI acting CEO, Cody Myer.

SaveTheHuman5 is a project specializing in creative resources for Music Professionals.
More info about TouchInnovations, please visit:


Free tools

Happy to release FREE TOOLS from a new section of SaveTheHuman5 web site!
These free tools are designed by a user just like you, for you. While not directly related to our list of products, these tools are provided because they’re fixes to hardware/software we all know and love. In our mission to develop creative and useful music productivity software, we’re also committed to sharing any and all free solutions we come up with. 
In this first release, we’re providing Ableton scripts to fix the LCD screen on the Icon Qcon PRO + Extenders. 

Go to FREE TOOLS area


Elephant You Surface Dial As Controller

Elephant version 1.9.2 is released and Robin Vincent do a new review about this new version:


Chameleon MultiTouch Controller

Chameleon MIDI touch controller is here!!
Create your custom controller interface for any MIDI software or hardware. Chameleon includes all standard objects like sliders, knobs, pads, encoders and much more. Best of all, every component is fully customizable. The software is solid as a rock, you can rely on it for live performances or your day by day tasks in the studio DAW and your VST, lighting, experimental usage and much more. Chameleon use a state of art low latency MIDI engine.
More info:


Elephant Surface Dial As Controller

The site is alive and the first project I have on hands is released, Elephant 1.0
I just want said  again a big thanks to Robin Vincent for make a very clear and detailed video review.


Thank you to all early adopters of Elephant, and welcome to my web site.
SaveTheHuman5, the place where all my new creations see the light, Elephant is just the first one.
Stay tuned!