COVID-19 has already changed our reality and our life, I do not want to stay away from what is happening around the world.
I have made the decision to reduce the price of my software to $4.99 for a limited time.

Best wish to all, we must take care of ourselves and overcome this bad moment and specially, be positive and please follow the rules of your governing healthcare authorities.

Pablo Martin.


Chameleon MultiTouch Controller

Chameleon MIDI touch controller is here!!
Create your custom controller interface for any MIDI software or hardware. Chameleon includes all standard objects like sliders, knobs, pads, encoders and much more. Best of all, every component is fully customizable. The software is solid as a rock, you can rely on it for live performances or your day by day tasks in the studio DAW and your VST, lighting, experimental usage and much more. Chameleon use a state of art low latency MIDI engine.
More info:


Elephant Surface Dial As Controller

The site is alive and the first project I have on hands is released, Elephant 1.0
I just want said  again a big thanks to Robin Vincent for make a very clear and detailed video review.


Thank you to all early adopters of Elephant, and welcome to my web site.
SaveTheHuman5, the place where all my new creations see the light, Elephant is just the first one.
Stay tuned!