Chameleon User Guide

Constructor Part 2

Continuing with the Constructor section, you will now learn about functions that are extremely useful and unique of Chameleon software.

When you create templates you will begin to observe that sometimes it is necessary for the same created object, i.e: a button, a slider, a knob, etc. It is available in multiple or different pages. For that task you can use the Float function. In the case of Float, this function makes the same object available in all the pages and in the same position / location in which it was created.
The Unfloat function removes the object from all the pages, leaving it available only where it was created.
See Float and Unfloat working in the bellow video:



Float To:
Following the logic of the Float function, in some cases it will be necessary to make the same object available only in some pages. In that case we will use FLOAT TO, this function allows the same object to be present only in some pages and always in the same location or position where it was originally created. If the object moves after applying the function FLOAT or FLOAT TO, when changing the page it will return to the original position. an object with the property FLOAT TO, can be removed specifically from a page, using the function UNFLOAT FROM or from all pages with UNFLOAT.
IMPORTANT NOTE: for use UNFLOAT FROM, just go to page where you want unfloat an object, select the object and then click UNFLOAT FROM.
Please see the bellow video:



Finally, there is some cases it will be necessary to make the same object available only in some pages but in different location or position.
This function work exactly as float to, but now you can locate object in custom position in every page where object is floated.
The only limitation is the original position never should change.






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