Chameleon User Guide


Chameleon can control your favorite music software trough MIDI using its own port, no third-party software is required.
You can find the MIDI ports in the MIDI section of the software to be controlled, the name of the ports are called Chameleon and you will find an output port and an input port.

Capable MIDI Objects
Most objects in Chameleon have midi support, and allow you to send, and also receive midi commands for controlling other midi programs. Objects capable of this will reveal MIDI Out, or MIDI In parameter. Midi parameters have a valid range in which they operate, and if the midi values become out of range, an object will stop sending MIDI signals.

MIDI Numbers
The midi number parameter corresponds to the midi note number of MIDI CC.
The valid range is 0 to 127.

MIDI Value
The midi value parameter corresponds to the midi volume (velocity) of a note or MIDI CC.

When the Notes parameter is enabled, objects send MIDI notes instead of MIDI CC.
Keep in mind encoders only send MIDI CC.

Aft Value
The Aft Value parameter (after touch) corresponds to the volume of a note or MIDI CC number. This
event is fired or launched after the touch of a button.
The valid range is 0 to 127.

Aft Off
Disables MIDI after touch.

Midi Channel
The Channel parameter corresponds to the MIDI channel.
The valid range is 1 to 16.

Switch from MIDI mode 0 /127, to encoder  mode 7Fh/01.
Only encoders support MIDI mode 7Fh/01.

Objects with MIDI support;
● Buttons (including Image Buttons & page buttons)
● Sliders
● Knobs
● XY Pads and
● Encoders

Objects without MIDI support;
● Decorations
● Keyboard
● Containers or
● Traktor Wave Ribbon

If you want Page Buttons wont send midi, setup the MIDI channel value to 0  (zero)

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