Chameleon User Guide

System requirements

Windows® 10/11  PRO 64 bits.
Multi-Touch Tablet PC or Multi-Touch screen / Frame
MIDI enabled software for which you want to create a custom touch screen templates.
Some users report software work under Windows 7 and windows 8, I can’t guarantee compatibility in future versions

The Chameleon software was designed so you could build your own MIDI controllers by numbering and mapping objects in an interface template you build and customize yourself.
I suggest use an external mouse for designing your template in Chameleon, it will simplify your experience.

Chameleon will allow to you to create templates at any screen resolution, however loading a template must be done at the same aspect ratio and better if use the same screen resolution as when you created the template in order prevent scaling. The original resolution of the template is available on template INFO page, you can access to that info every time you load a template or press Save button in the editor.

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