Chameleon User Guide

Window Handler

When you create templates with holes, window handler is a great tool allow to retain the position window of the software to be controlled. Is very simple to use.
In the next video you see how make your template save and force the position of the software to be controlled, in this example I use Traktor,  but can be applied to any software.


As you can see on the video, this feature allow to retain the position and size of window, and also z order.
Not only useful for retain that properties, also for reduce the window size in order to gain space for add all controls you need.

Remember I comment in a previous chapter Chameleon provide 2 templates?
Well…. also provide a window handler  per template, Template 1 have Handler 1 or H1 and Template 2 have Handler 2 or H2. Now imagine you want control 2 software.
Example: Traktor and Ableton, and you want see some portions of the screen of both software….


You can you can create 2 templates of 6 pages (per template)  for 2 different software to be controlled and handle their window properties. You can sync Traktor and Abletton using Ableton Link, and have a great dual template to control !!
In this example I use Traktor and Ableton, but can be any combination of software you need to  control.

The action of handle windows, can be fired from editor, or with Page button when his action is programmed is Template1 (fire Handler 1)  and Page button when his action is programmed is Template2 (fire Handler 2)

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