Elephant User Guide

MCU mode

Elephant allow to sent some basic but useful transport commands to DAWs and Video edition software trough Mackie protocol, all DAWs usually support Mackie Control Universal protocol (MCU). In the bellow picture you see example how access to MCU  JOG mode (scrub) using the middle click of the mouse.

If enable play instead of scrub, Elephant send play/pause after you finish scrub and press/click the dial.
Please note when this mode is enabled BT1 is asinged to MCU JOg feture and can’t be used for any other MIDI function.
MCU jog mode also can be accessed trough hotkey BT1.

Arm record and separated play/stop can be accessed  trough hotkeys.

Example Setup Mackie



Adobe Premiere

For other software  setup, please refer to the documentation of the software.
Very important!!! under MCU mode please don’t forgot select MIDI IN and MIDI OUT to Elephant MIDI port, otherwise unexpected behaviours happens.



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