Elephant User Guide

Send Keystrokes


Previous version of Elephant broken a very useful ability of native Surface Dial implementation, send hotkeys to your program, change volume, etc.
From version 1.9.1 you can send custom keystrokes to your software and also change volume with the Surface Dial.

This implementation include a new special mode not available on native implementation what is send a keystroke when direction of rotation change, this simple behaviour allow to simulate classic J K L on software like Adobe premiere, or  map this key action to transport of DAWs, etc.

sensitivity is expressed in decimal number equivalent to one pulse per degree rotation of dial. That mean, if you set sensitivity to 1  on full rotation you send in this case 360 key press emulations!!!   Warning !!  this can cause the software to be controlled react in really bad way!

Example: in Adobe Premiere J K L simulation is highly suggested use value around 20 or 22 otherwise the software really react in a wrong way, but if set left arrow and right arrow for scrub, is highly suggested setup to some value between 1 to 5, adobe premiere can handle that without trouble using arrow keys.
If found this “send keystrokes” feature useful the amount of keystrokes can be selected on Dial Rotation will be increased in the next version, please lave all your comments on the forum.

Note: send keystrokes require the app to be controlled is on focus.


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