Have You Ever Seen a Pink Elephant?

MS Surface Dial is now ready to be your natural input device to control all sliders and knobs on your DAW, VSTs, VCV Rack , Adobe Premeire and more on any PC computer.   Elephant software is here, just hover slider or knob with your mouse, and turn the dial, no MIDI mapping required!

Note: On the video, there is some undesired behaviours related to Reaktor & Sutdio One Sofwtare. Can be sorted out with special config.
Check the Elephant documentation for more info. Thanks so much Robin for discover that issues and for you nice review!

MIDI Support

Elephant software is being able to control in a natural way knobs and sliders without the need of MIDI mapping. Since in some cases the use of MIDI could be very useful. Elephant can connect the Surface Dial with your favorite music software trough MIDI using its own port.
MIDI  CC, mode 0/127 &  encoder mode 7Fh/01h is supported . You can adjust the sensitivity and configure MIDI  channel and CC number.
Mackie protocol is now supported, use teh dial as a jog or scrub in any DAW or Video editor software with support of Mackie Universal protocol.

Send Kesytrokes & Hotkeys, Switch Modes With Hotkeys

Program and sent your custom hotkeys, switch and change from modes using your hotkeys fired from your keyboard,
multi button gaming mouse.

Hardware & OS Requirements

Elephant require any PC computer running Windows 10 Fall Creators or newer and a Surface Dial unit paired to your computer.
A surface studio or surface PRO machine not is mandatory requirement. Surface Dial can bee paired with any PC.