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Upcoming unreleased version 1.5.7

Bug fixes:
Some objet widgets not should be rotated are rotated.
Fixed the jump when drag the editor from top menu across the screen.
Fixed rounding of decimals bug on position of all widgets.
Fixed zorder invisibility when open config and other submenus in the editor.
Fixed bug on bar sliders prevent send MIDI CC and Notes.

Escape button call and opens the editor without the need to close the editor, now the edito appears on any position where the mouse is within any position on single or multiple screens.
ALT + Mouse to scroll template is disabled.
Slider on pitch bend mode now sent 14bit MIDI.

New Features:
Advanced Touch, enable multitouch on multiple instances of the software/multiple touchscreens on same computer.
Please enable the tooltip and read  about this feature. Don't use this feature  if you not plan use Chameleon on multiple touchscreen devices on same computer.


Chameleon version 1.5.6 - 19-01-2023
Bug fixes:
Using Chameleon with some specific hardware  make the software crash after load and start to use.
More info:

Download, touch here


Chameleon version 1.5.5 - 10-01-2023
Bug fix:
The software does not start on some Windows installations.



Chameleon version 1.5.4B - 3-08-2022
Bug fix:
Arrow button appear without color.

Chameleon version 1.5.4A  - 21-07-2022

Bug fixes:
Sliders stop to react to incoming MIDI under some circumstances.
Editor disappear under some circumstances.
Error 516 256 fixed.

Chameleon is now  64bit app.

Chameleon Version 1.5.3 - 26-06-2022

Bug fixes:
Under some circumstances crash at startup.
Under some circumstances main menu remain hidden to some users.
Editor remain hidden after use "Test With Mouse"
Editor wont appear when disable escape key.
Impossible to save templates under some circumstances.
Memory leak crash the software.
Main screen show lateral transparent bars under some scenarios.
Some older templates make Chameleon crash and wont load a template.
Decoration images disappear when save a template.

New feature:
Enable or disable multiple instances from the config area. Enable multiple instances only if you have 2 touchscreen connected t the same device and you want perform with 2 touchscreens at same time.
Protected templated, now is possible protect and sell templates, this feature will be documented soon.

Added some internal routines to debug some scenarios at startup of software.
Some cosmetical improvements.

Change of behaviours:
By default Chameleon runs on single instance.
When run on single instance, MIDI IN and OUT ports names are always the same, Chameleon-1
Under multiple instances MIDI ports change name to the number of screen where are running.



Chameleon Version 1.5.1 - 30-05-2022

Warning !!! Before open your template, please import using the import checkbox selected and then save your template, that action make compatible your template with this new version. Backup your template first.


New Features:
Version 1.5 support multi-instance of Chameleon,  now you can connect multiple touchscreen monitors and operate all at once, all the instances at of chameleon all the screens at same time sand same computer!
MIDI ports are handled as per screen name and with correlation to screen IDs.
Free operation of mouse and keyboard, chameleon wont cause interference when touch is operated to keyboard or mouse.
Disable escape key, a feature to disable escape key in order not open editor, you can right click on the mouse in order open editor when this option is enabled.
Set global transparency per template and set open a template in a transparency mode enabled.
Added lock feature in order to lock computer. (alternative mode to lock will be coming soon for setups running multi-instances of Chameleon software on same computer)
Protect a template, this is a new feature allow to protect a template and sell your template form your own store, is a commercial feature and will be documented soon.


New touch internal engine is extremely more reactive than previous versions :), all templates in general terms will be more reactive.
Cosmetic changes on sliders and new slider styles.
Main screen show some useful info.

Chameleon Version 1.3.5 – 07-06-2021

Bug fix: Decoration images disappear when save a template.
Change: Dashed fill is removed and changed to a solid style in all sliders in concordance with the new style is coming on the next update.

Latest version is from now always accessible to registered users trough the forum in order to prevent had to complete the download form.

Chameleon Version 1.3 –  31-12-2020
Internal code is recoded and improved to open the door to upcoming features and in order to increase efficiency.
Improvement: Container can be resized up to 30 pixels. (user request)
Bug fix: Incorrect behaviour of config panel and features.


Chameleon Version 1.2 –  13-06-2019  

New Features:
Multi-Port MIDI, enable up to 4 instances with 4 MIDI ports to manage MIDI per instance.
This is a experimental feature require some extra work in order to attach the ports to the proper session.

Bug fix: Incorrect number of version fixed.


Chameleon Version 1.1 –  15-04-2019 

Demo Template: On this release 2 deck template for Traktor 3,  1280x800 is added.
Bug fix: 3 State DJ Plate now send correct MIDI on touch release.


Chameleon Version 1.0.9–  31-12-2019 
Templates: On this release 4 decks template for Traktor 3 is updated to version 1.5

Bug fixes:
When copy Line decoration object, attribute stroke not copy.
Setting all strokes of all objects at once disable push buttons behaviour.
Auto reset logic bug in some knobs.
Pan split knob  shown in incorrect way when receive MIDI or reset by tap the knob.
When drag and move the editor, is blocked on certain mouse position.
Objects property appear as available in some objects not support the feature.

New Features:
Slide buttons. Warning! use this feature only when really is needed, is extremely easy activate buttons by mistake when a button have this feature enabled.
Group buttons in radio buttons behaviour.

Speed up set all strokes of all objects at once in a templates with higher amount of objects.
Blink and Push button behaviour can be applied at once in multiple selected buttons.
Auto reset behaviour can be applied at once in multiple selected knobs.
Sliders Design2 option can be applied at once in multiple selected sliders.
Some cosmetic improvements inside the editor.

Task to re-order and clean all the code, end.
We start to see updates with more frequency.


Chameleon Version 1.0.8–  19-09-2019

Bug fixes:
Decoration Text is created with empty text.
Incorrect 50% knob behaviour when pan split mode is enabled and also auto reset.
Chameleon crash when try rotate objects in older templates.
Pitch Wheel status reported incorrectly.

Some older references to Emulator removed.
Some improvements under system thread make more responsive all templates in some slow machines.
From this and upcoming versions, example templates will be included with the installer.

New features:
Available Mackie MCU displays & Example Template.


Chameleon  v1.0.7–  7-08-2019

Bug fixes:
Containers appear out of screen when work on multiple monitors.
On first time run, some times cant handle objects after objects are created.
Chameleon crash when receive MIDI on empty template.

Better system thread make more responsive all templates.
Improved render speed of all templates and object widgets.
Editor re-arranged and expanded for host new features of this and future versions.
Change at once properties as, size, radio, opacity, font, font size, colors, labelling.
Some corrections on tooltips, new tooltips covering new features.
Improvement on Halo pad touch behaviour.

New features:
Adjustable Stoke Thickness in all objects.
Classic Encoder can Sent Control Change Messages Data Bytes.
Now is possible replicate Mackie MCU MIDI messages.
Open and place Chameleon on any monitor, any monitor arrangement.
Switch from pages trough incoming MIDI messages.
High accuracy new object handles.
New method to rotate object trough object handle, (access to this feature trough hotkey).
Direct configuration of size of objects by entering values ​​in pixels, height and width.
Adjustable border thickness in objects.
Adjustable font size in objects support labeling.
Selectable Bold or Normal font in objects support labeling.
Hexapad, is now customizable polygon button (renamed to Polygon).
Encoders now support sensitivity and different kind of encoder MIDI signals.
50% Knob can be converted on PAN POT / SPLITED KNOB.
Flying containers, now is possible move containers under performance mode (touch mode)

Full color picker palette:
48 predefined easy to access colors.
Full custom colors trough HEX color value.
Full custom colors,  RGB, Hue, Sat, Lum & gamma bar.
Dual color supported in objects (inner color, outer color).

New hotkeys:
LeftCtrl + D   Delete selected object.
LeftShift + S   Maintains aspect ration when resize objects
LeftCtrl + R   Enable rotation handle (new feature).
LeftCtrl + L   Lock objects to prevent accidentally movements 
LeftCtrl + U  Unlock objects and or disable rotation handle 
LeftCtrl + M   Enable/disable move only 
LeftCtrl + T    Enable touch mode (perform)
LeftCtrl + B   Change font to BOLD on objects support labeling.
LeftCtrl + N   Change font to NORMAL on objects support labeling.
LeftCtrl + P   Open/close color palette.
LeftCtrl + G   Enable/disable grid.
LeftCtrl + H   Enable/disable align ruler.

New global config panel:
Handle Windows when unhide chameleon.
Disable Mouse on touch screen (this feature prevent mouse jump between dual or multiple screens when use chameleon)



Chameleon  v1.0.6–  16-01-2019
Bug fixes:
Incorrect path of images saved inside of templates.
MIDI ports not are destroyed when close the software.
50% knobs indicate incorrect value  (25) when double tap.
100% knob not work - Fixed
Blink buttons  not blink when receive MIDI IN and also no stop of blink in reaction to MIDI.


Chameleon  v1.0.5–  2-12-2018

Bug fixes:
The software start zoomed duet incorrect resolution report.
The software might crash in some scenarios duet incorrect MIDI initialization.



Chameleon  v1.0.4–  19-11-2018
Bug fixes:
Reset button, incorrect behaviour under mode push.
Reset feature appear incorrectly as Off on the editor, now renamed as Auto Reset.
Bug fix: image buttons and decoration image work incorrectly.
Blink mode, reset buttons and labelled button now can blink when are turned on.



Chameleon  v1.0.3–  14-11-2018
Bug fix: : Impossible no send MIDI on page buttons.
User guide updated with more info about page buttons and MIDI:



Chameleon  v1.0.2–  8-11-2018
Bug fix: : Windows handler work in proper way now.
User guide updated with a new chapter:



Chameleon  v1.0.1–  31-10-2018
Improvement:  better navigation on page buttons inside the editor.
Bug fix: : under some scenarios Chameleon not work with dual monitor setup, now is fixed.


Chameleon  v1.0 –  17-10-2018

First release.

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Chameleon v1.5.6 released, please take a look to the changelog.