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Thanks for the software.

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I'd like to thank you for creating this software & having some presence to respond to queries.So id like to provide some feedback & encouragement.

I'm a Cubase Elements 9 user playing guitars , electronic drums & scratch dj mixing. I'm using Chameleon on a Hanspree 21 inch 10 point touch screen on Windows 8.1. alongside a 55 inch 4k  monitor. The touch monitor is basically just a large trackpad which will still send its signal in the usb connector when power & video are disconnected.

I think the best part of music creation & performance is the mixing so my screen is an adaptable mixing board without the baggage.

I spent some time auditioning software on an Ipad , 10 inch Android tablet & also Android emulators (Memu & Nox ).But it was frustrating syncing wi fi & creating then transferring & auditioning templates on different devices.The software for tablets also have limited restricted screen estate even when emulated on a 4K monitor.

I found your product by accident as Windows multi-touch software is neglected or out of the casual users price range. You have to image search for results & they also seem to share the same 8 bit computer game palette so it's easy to miss any new releases.

There are are also critics of music creators with touch screens Please be aware of the Zx spectrum meme which mocks users when updating your colour scheme.


The hardware & Audio workstation manufacturers are reluctant to create multi touch screen interfaces for humans in the actual software as  it will compete with their expensive but limited midi controllers which always have the least amount of pots & encoders per channel strip.Things are slightly better in the dj realm with plenty of controllers but there's too much plastic disposable gimmicky hardware with a limited shelf life.

 I think Chameleon is a great product bridging the gap & a Vst version will be amazing.Please try to focus on the images & also consider that a portable user will try to utilise every pixel of screen space. But users with larger monitors will be more open to image recreations of vintage hardware with overlays panels & textures.

Thank you for your contribution , response & return to developing Chameleon..A bio of your hobbies etc on the webpage would also be welcomed.


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Thanks for your words, really appreciated!
About memes, I really are immune to that kind of things, for sure I take that always with good humor. The software I created  can be useful for some users, but not useful for others, is up to the user if decide use or not.  I seen memes in the past of DJs playing on a ATM machine.........I just laugh and think wow!! will be cool play on a ATM!!! why not?  ? There is a lot of guys laughed in the past about I see things like the latest CDJs models  and think..... well after all I not wrong with my crazy ideas, or when I started with all this over 10 years ago.

In the near future probably I can setup and schedule a live streaming, for talk with users of Hi!computer software, about Chameleon, Elephant, upcoming software Armadillo and other things come soon, about music about anything, that will be great!

-"A bio of your hobbies etc on the webpage would also be welcomed"
I have on mind something like that, I need the days to be of 48 hours and not 24 ?