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[Solved] Questions on switching from FT to Chameleon

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Hey Pablo, 

Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

So I've been a long time FT user. I'm now ready to switch to Chameleon but want to know: can still use the templates I've created in FT?

Also, will there be a 1920x1080 release coming? 

I"m also havig issues with the mouse pinter still showing a small cross hair on my template. I'm on the latest Win 10 for surface pro 4


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Some confusion from your side,  FT is emulator For Traktor, is a software with a fixed interface where user cant change or edit the UI and just can control Traktor.

"can still use the templates I've created in FT?"      There is no way you crate templates on FT, so I assume you are talking of emulator modular or just emulator software what now is named Chameleon and for sure you can test and import older templates created with version 1.5x, instructions are provided on the documentation page of the software, please take a look on that. 
About your question:  "will there be a 1920x1080 release coming"   already exist a template example 1920x1080.   Apologize from all this confusion, we call in the past all products Emulator "something", is unpractical idea cause lot of confusion when you have 6 products, all named  EMULATOR  "something".............apologize, anyway now is fixed lol.
For sure I not plan release tonz of templates, Chameleon is a tool for create your templates, is a good suggestion take a little effort and start learn how create your owns, is the best way.

I can check the mouse pointer issue in some future release, maybe next release January.


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Hey Pablo,


Thank you for the clarification. Yes, I did get the software confused=P

I am talking about Emulator pro. I will download Chamelon right away. 

Happy New Year!