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[Sticky] Wireless midi control using Rtpmidi & Chameleon.

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This illustration uses a wired desktop pc , laptop & additional software named Rtpmidi

The image is animated.


Download & install Rtpmidi (Real Time Protocol midi ) on both devices. Your computer name will appear when you click the button with the plus symbol beneath the my sessions window. This name will be displayed in any midi port settings & also appear on the laptop.


Press the + button to create a new session.
Press the button on the right labelled enabled to activate the session.
Repeat this process on the other pc. The devices will pair & indicate latency if it's a successful connection.


Chameleon is not displayed in the Rtpmidi interface so adjustments need to be applied in the software hosting Chameleon.

Chameleon & the host software needs to function in a MIDI Thru state so set Chameleon as midi input & set your desktop pc as midi output.


Rtpmidi  & CopperLan features & differences.


•   CopperLan identifies Chameleon in it's menu & Chameleon functions as standalone software. 

•   Rtpmidi is common on Android macOS & Ios & also featured in Behringer's X touch hardware. 

•   Inputs & outputs & the computer id cannot be re-named in CopperLan.

•   Inputs & outputs & the computer id can be named in Rtpmidi.

•   CopperLan is unsupported in Android & Ios.

•   CopperLan & Rtpmidi is unsupported in Linux but there is a Rtpmidi Linux script available on Github.


Chameleon can now potentially control & integrate with apps on tablets phones & Linux desktops.

Linux users will need to search  Github for xitiomet/jack-rtp-midi-bridge. The script uses the JACK audio connection Kit.



Chameleon uses Bomes virtual midi cable.. Chameleon as a device name will only be referenced & displayed in the midi hosting software.
You may need to activate additional routing connections in the Rtpmidi menu if you have Chameleon installed on multiple devices. See image

Rtpmidi may alter or update it's software & routing.


Rtpmidi needs to be installed & sessions need to be created on both devices.

Chameleon should ideally be set as midi in.. on the desktop pc &. set as midi out in the hosting softwares midi settings menu.

Bomes virtual midi port may need to be selected in the live routing options in Rtpmidi.

Any  network , security or latency issues are unrelated to Chameleon.


chameleon MIDI routing




Updated June 10th  2021 to reflect changes in Rtpmidi.


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Great job, thanks so much!!

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Your welcome ..

The next topic illustrates how to connect Chameleon to ios & Android apps .I would be grateful if anyone with an ipad can post feedback as I no longer own an ipad. The app needs to have Rtpmidi or network ports in the midi settings to sync with Chameleon. Many synth & piano apps on ios have this option

There are only a few apps on Android which have this option & most of them are midi hardware controller type interfaces.

I also think an introduce yourself topic would be useful after this so we all can gauge what app , software & operating systems the forum members are using.