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Initial impressions

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I am up and running with Elephant version 1.1 controlling the Microsoft Surface Dial.

Everything basically works as advertised. Using Elephant and the Surface Dial with Bitwig Studio 2.0 works successfully in both modes - mouse and Dial and as MIDI controller. 

To use the MIDI controller in Bitwig Studio 2 (2.3.5):
- First install Elephant 1.1
- In the dashboard in Bitwig Studio 2, go to Settings and Controllers
- Add controller manually and select Generic -> MIDI Keyboard
- In the newly created controller click the drop down box for MIDI input. You should see Elephant as an option.
- Select Elephant.
That should complete the controller setup.

To map the Dial to a knob (control):
- Run Elephant so that it controls the Dial.
- Click the Dial and use the mouse to turn MIDI ON in the Elephant menu. Click the Dial again to close the Elephant menu.
- In a project, right click a knob and you will see several selections.
- Select 'Map to Controller of Key'
- The knob should be highlighted and have a moving circle next to it.
- Rotate the Dial and you should see the moving circle disappear. A small dialog will show the settings as you rotate the Dial. Also the knob should be seen to rotate.
- That should get you the first MIDI control of a knob in Bitwig Studio 2 using the Microsoft Surface Dial and Elephant.

Thanks to Elephant, everything is pretty simple.

Mike O

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Thanks for your guide, can be useful to another Bitwig user.