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The Elephant in the room

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Hi guys

Let me start off with that the Elephant has taken my work flow to a whole new level. From the seamless integration taking control over any DAW without having to take that extra step to midi map, to simple faster manipulation of controls so ideas can flow faster and naturally be brought to life on the spot without losing your train of thought or inspiration.  It is as simple as hovering the mouse cursor over the desired object of control, move the dial and you have full command over the object. (Fader ,knob etc.) This allows you to grab control of the desired function instantaneously and it works for third party plugins! I have set up the Surface Dial with a Trackball mouse, it works perfectly even if you do not own a gaming mouse or Trackball , there is a settings panel that is easy to bring up using the dial in Elephant that allow you to adjust these options so you can customize it for what best suits your work flow needs. 

Overall one of the Best pieces of gear to own paired with this ingenious Elephant software to make the ultimate power house in your DAW that can be taken anywhere with you. 

This time the Elephant really is in the room!