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Release from control when in 'Locked' mode by moving mouse a pre-defined distance.

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Adam Fontaine
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I was wondering if the following was possible:

- When in 'Locked' mode. It would be nice if you could release from the control by moving the mouse a certain distance, as well as to be able to set the mouse distance in which it triggers the release, instead of having to click the MS Dial.


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Hi Adam,. just to have all more clear, what is the goal of do this for you.
Please explain in more detail.
I think i know why you want do this, just need confirm.


Sam Hocking
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Locked mode prevents the mouse from moving, so not sure how you could release focus of the dial by moving the mouse cursor? If you want to move the mouse to release, why not just press the mouse button instead moving the mouse? Perhaps I misunderstand the intention of this?

On a similar feature request, I have often wondered if there could be a time interval you could set where focus from the MS dial on the control is released if the MS dial hasn't been rotated for a specified number of milliseconds. e.g. release control after 1000ms if there has been no user interaction. This would prevent having to click the dial or mouse to release and you could then move to the next control.