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Cursor disappears on left click in Reaper

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I have just installed Elephant to work with Reaper. The basic function works fine, and controls can be released by pressing the Dial or escape key. But there are a couple of issues:

  1. Using vertical faders, if I press the left key to release when the cursor is on the border of the control, it jumps to maximum value.
  2. Using rotary control, when I adjust the dial the cursor disappears (even though 'Show Cursor' is ticked in settings). This seems to be a Reaper behaviour and is the same without Elephant running - it is not a problem in itself, but If I try to release the rotary control (when the cursor is invisible) using the left button, the cursor remains invisible. Using Dial press or escape does not have this problem.

Once the mouse disappears I have only been able to restore it by re-starting Reaper.

I have found that the problems are the same whether or not 'Show Cursor' is ticked.

I do not have VCV Rack installed.

Can you help? Thanks!