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Easy way to access Ultra mode without a mouse button?

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Just got myself a Surface Dial + Elephant and i'm loving it so far!

I went through the manual and found that there's an "ultra" mode, which is great (it's basically like holding down shift for "precise" mode, for anyone unaware). I basically bought the dial precisely for preciseness, so i'd love to be able to access ultra mode often and regularly switch between that and 'combined' mode. However, my mouse buttons are already assigned to important stuff in my DAW, and my "middle button" doesn't seem to be what Elephant would usually recognise as a middle button (i have a Logitech MX Master 3, so my scroll wheel is a bit different, it doesn't push down cos it's got a different tech, my scroll wheel click has its own button next to it (however it doesn't make the "middle button" text go orange in the Elephant menu. And that's my "zoom out" function for my DAW anyway so don't reeeally wanna give it up).

Is there a way to make it so i can push down on the dial once and it will activate ultra mode (rather than click a mouse button)?  Then push down again and it's back to combined mode?


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