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Elephant not starting up.

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Hi! Sorry to make a whole new thread about this but the previous one was locked. I just purchased Elephant, licensed, and have my dial connected/appearing, but I'm still not getting anywhere with the .exe. 


As someone in the previous thread on the topic stated, I see it turn on in Task manager and quickly go away. I've deactivate my AV and still nothing. Any help would be very much appreciated! Really all I'd like to do is Turn knobs with my scroll wheel and surface dial. 








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You don't have to apologize for opening a new thread. The other thread has been closed because the user created a real issue with their case or at least start to create a divergence in the post. In that case, the user is trying to run the Elephant software without a paired Surface Sial, which is not possible and pointless and also is a prerequisite has a paired Surface Dial. However, your case is different. The best way, if possible, would be to do remote support to check what is happening in your case. Are you available today? If so, please check your private messages on the forum to access remote support.

About the other post, there is nothing wrong with the user, I just trying to maintain some order here in the forum. Just that.

Waiting for your reply now.


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