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A request for a fader with two independent midi inputs.

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Greetings .. I hope everyone is safe & healthy.. I have some requests & thoughts on Faders. My post focuses on faders  but it would be helpful if all pots & channel fader features were global if practical. eg pitch wheel is limited to faders  for mcu control.

Request  a cross fader with two independent midi inputs.

Could you please give us the option to create a fader with two independent midi inputs so we can specify what happens to the signal when it travels past a threshold?


The thresholds could be symmeterical or asymetrical depending on the task.( Dj software , Industrial or domestic control of utilities & security )


The bar faders

The bar faders can be swiped can you please expand this feature to all faders?


Requesting an option to link the faders.

Fader linking is featured in many Daws. Fader linking in Chameleon gives users more independence & freedom from the software.



You can currently create a crossfader by inverting one fader by 180 degrees & link them to a regular fader if the daw or software allows it. This is ideal for long transitions but there's no way of performing a quick fade with shorter transitions. You can try resizing the faders but it's not ideal as your distorting your template for a task . Your also using two items to perform the task of one component.

Ableton is the only Daw with a crossfader on the master output channel & it also has different curve settings. 64 bit crossfade Vsts or midi modifiers are an option but they are rare or conflict with Chameleons midi translator or some dj software.

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