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Could you consider creating an alternative shape for the endless encoders so we can fit more of them on screen?  


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16/09/2020 12:17 am  
encoder shape

Hi.. Hope everyone is well & safe.

Could you please consider modifying the shape of the endless encoder?

A half moon or endless slider ( A slider would be easier to label ) which simulates a thumb wheel would enable us to fit more encoders in the same footprint.

Usage example.

This product was designed for controlling vsts or synths which have a lot of parameters.Chameleon could do this more efficiently if the endless encoders were a different shape. Also what are your thoughts on MIDI 2.0 ?



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16/09/2020 2:02 am  

I preparing a encoder ribbon for the next update.
MIDI 2.0 I think is the way to go and maybe more important than OSC.
So I waiting a little until move in one direction or other, support OSC require not hard but lot of work, in other hand, want wait few months more for see what industry start to do, but i think everybody go with MIDI 2.0 and OSC maybe a thing never should support.
But need wait a little more. We can survive some more time with the older MIDI few months.

We will see a lot of nice coming to Chameleon before MIDI 2.0.
Working for months on the next update 🙂 and come with some cool things.

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18/09/2020 12:27 pm  

Thanks ..The encoder ribbon will also encourage more template creation & sharing.

Steinberg  usually update their products around November . I think midi 2 will be featured.


Ive sent you a pm.

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