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Feature requests: Change image button opacity settings, mouse operation, button opens predetermined file & misc troubleshooting

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Hi all, 

I just found this software yesterday after a long search to find something suitable for my needs (nothing perfect really exists but this is close) really glad I found Chameleon.

 I am trying to recreate a system I currently use on the Elgato Stream deck to launch VST's in Ableton live. So far with some experimentation, I have got this to work with some Midi mapping and 3rd party VST in Ableton - but I have run into a few issues testing out how I would build such a system and some feature requests also which in my opinion would greatly increase the usefulness of the already excellent software. Hopefully, someone can help with the little problems I have experience and also register/evaluate the feasibility of the feature requests. 

Container Size when collapsed 

When I collapse a container - the size is very small and it puts the container title on multiple lines. Is there a way around this? Something I am doing incorrectly perhaps? 


Image Button Opacity.

I am using Image Buttons to create MIDI map buttons (Push Buttons) - however, the Image Buttons default state is slightly greyed out and transparent. Then I push the button or, if it is toggled it goes back to normal brightness / no transparency. For the push button operation, at least in my use I would like this the other way around - the button default is no transparency and full brightness - when pushed it goes transparent for a moment to indicate the action has been triggered. Is this possible? 

Current configuration 


Desired configuration


Test with mouse

Nice feature - would it be possible to have this mode be semi-permanent and hiding the configuration menu whilst testing. I am thinking about cases where it is easier to use the touch screen with a mouse - essentially allowing the software to be used with mouse clicks when activated.

Button launches/open a windows file 

I am not sure if this is possible or how difficult it might be - but would a button be able to launch a file from a specified folder path? On the push of the button, the application will open the pre-linked file? 
This would make launching host files in Ableton Live extremely fast and easy - user racks, effect racks, track templates are all files stored in the user library and if launched (With a track active and Ableton active) get put into the session. I currently use this system to add VST's and templates with a Stream Deck and it saves a few steps with midi mapping. 

An example below how this works with Stream Deck 


Chameleon application showing as an Icon/Program on the taskbar or in Hidden taskbar items?

Having an issue when I use the "Show Desktop" shortcut that Chameleon closes on my second monitor and I cannot "Find" it to reopen it again? Any way around this? 

Minimize/Maximise Application  (potentially using the above Icon perhaps?)


Additional PC Details if required:
Operating System

  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Intel Core i7 7700 @ 3.60GHz 31 °C
Kaby Lake 14nm Technology


  • Alienware 02XRCM (U3E1)


Thank you for your work on this and this forum which is very useful. I searched for my queries but did not find suitable responses, though I also search for key commands for the active window and noticed that others had requested this feature. I second this request - buttons that could send Key Stroke command to active windows would be excellent. 

I think with this software I will be able to make a very efficient and useful template for my needs. Great work. 



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The container issue is a bug from latest version 1.3.
I back soon with a fix.
Later check all the other requests.

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Great! Thank you