MIDI IN for XY Pads
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MIDI IN for XY Pads

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Hi, I'm a happy new user of Chameleon, very excited setting it up with Cubase!

I started a template for my workflow that has sliders, knobs, and buttons using MIDI IN. Moving in Chameleon causes moves in Cubase, and moving in Cubase causes moves in Chameleon. 2-way communication!

If the XY Pads could also have MIDI IN, that would be AWESOME.... XY pads are -perfect- to control EQ!!! Changing frequency & gain with just one finger is so easy and sensible (X axis is frequency, Y axis is gain). Better than knobs or sliders! With MIDI IN, the XY Pads would update their location when switching to a different track, just like the sliders and knobs!

Another nice feature would be XY pads which look like this:

tracking pad graphic

Not using webcam and light, just finger on touchscreen. But showing crosshairs and a smaller graphic for the intersection

It would also be very cool if the sliders (and maybe XY pad?) could return to default value with a double-tap, like the knobs!