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Please allow global alterations to other attributes like icon names ,midi states , icon & image proportions etc.. Also consider automating midi note numbers.

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I would like to create & share some hardware styled templates in future. These minor tweaks will save a lot of time.

Global alterations

We can currently mouse drag or control select specific items & alter the colours ..Could you expand this to include icon naming , midi note data , states settings etc 

Replace , modify icon or image under strict conditions.

Could you consider a way to enable us to resize or replace icons & images of the same proportions without losing any of the settings & states ( I'm aware that can currently rename & reload an image )


(Imagine this template is a drum sampler ..The new image of the same proportions is inserted into the selected pad slot but the pad still retains all the midi settings.)

Replace image or icon in template function

Auto numbering or randomising of  midi notes on a pre-determined range of buttons

Musical instruments have some common traits when transmitting midi notes as there is a maximum number of values ( 128 )  Faders pots & xy pads will also consume more screen than buttons but the buttons usually have more values to alter.

Would it be possible to automate the midi note numbering of the button icons? A type of  Random button template generator ?




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Some of features requested start appear from the upcoming version, others have to wait.