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[Solved] Quick display / hide chameleon

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hope I can find the right words to communicate my request.

I'm trying to use VCV Rack with Chameleon.
Managed to solve most of my problems already.

When using Chameleon in Go Touch mode, to hide chameleon and access my patch, I have to long touch my screen and when the chameloen window pops up, I have to click on the square in the upper right corner of the edit window.

Then I can fully access my vcv patch.

To toggle back to Chameleon Touch Mode, I have to press the orange arrow on screen top.
Then I have to long touch my screen to bring up the edit window again and then press Go To Touch again.

This is way to to much interaction.

Now my feature requests:

A button to quick hide chameleon which I can place in my template where I like as any other button.
Maybe a Page Select button which allows page number 0 would do the job.
Clicking a page select button with page number 0 then could just do the same as switching to edit mode and pressing the square to hide chameleon.

Complementary, when pressing the orange arrow to show Chameleon again Chameleon should come up in the same mode as it was hidden.
So after pressing my 'Hide Chameleon' in touch mode, after touching the orange arrow Chameleon would be still in Touch Mode.

This way I could switch between Performanece Mode (Controlling my patch through Chameleon) to Rack Edit Mode (Chameleon hidden) by a single touch.

Shouldn't be a big deal to implemet this.



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Using page button, you can hide chameleon.
All what you need to do is write in the textbox navigation of the page button the word: hide,  Hide or HIDE
If you are on touch mode, when touch the arrow you back to touch mode.
If you are on edit mode, when hide  trough page button and then touch the arrow, you return in edit mode.

Test that.

Check the full list of commands at:    https://savethehuman5.com/chameleon-user-guide/#buttons

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SaveTheHuman5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaveTheHuman5

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Thank you very much.
Chameleon is a great piece of software.
It is so great to have a big patch in vcv rack and a chameleon overlay to control it when performing it.

Hope you will continue to develop and advance it.

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"Hope you will continue to develop and advance it." 

I second that!