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[Solved] x y axis on buttons for more expression & dynamics. Fader button grouping,  


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27/02/2019 2:27 am  

I wanted to use your software to create some interactive Tangram art for children but the angular rotation could be simplified.


Could you consider mouse wheel scroll or the arrow key for rotating shapes. Also make the triangle a complete icon instead of altering the arrow.(I didn't notice it until I looked closely at the Traktor template ) 

I tried to post this in a pm but it failed. You can  remove it after you've read it. It was a freeware vst created by  insertpizhere

This x y feature will allow more expression & dynamics.


Fader & button grouping  & reversal modes especially for guitar pedal effects or step sequencing. ( As many devices don't have midi out)

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27/02/2019 9:10 am  

I think a virtual representation of a keyboard is a wasteful design as a performing device on touch screens. The push function is also misused playing traditional string instruments. But some gliding mechanism would be useful.

I suggest a string as a feature.

The string can be be distorted , skewed , enlarged & maybe have some tension.  We can modify the string features by note x y  etc .. We can then swipe & glide across the strings to play arpeggios ( broken chords ) .. https://imgur.com/a/CvWeQMh




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01/05/2019 3:56 am  

Working here on final details of a new version of Chameleon.
This new version include a triangle as a new kind of shape button, rotation is possible now from handles, in a very easy way.
On selected object, you can press CONTROL + R  and now can rotate.
I work soon also in rotation with scroll wheel, not right now duet the first test the clicky scroll wheel usually not provide good resolution, just need work more in the code. 
Triangle shapes also will be available.
I release this version ASAP, stay tuned!

rotate handle

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