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Panda Doesn't Work On My DAW

Dhandy Annora
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panda work perfectly on my desktop, but if I run my DAW (Presonus Studio One) my cursor still move to the 2nd monitor touch input. any help?

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I dont think your daw is multitouch enabled in the sense of full  pure multitouch support.
Panda only works with software are 100% multitouch capable, preveinting when you use a 100% multitouch capable software the mouse jump to that software.
I assume the software you are using is mouse and touch capable at same time, and panda or any other solution fix that.

The only way for you will be use chameleon, the upcoming version, not the current, and create in chameleon your control surface in that way you can operate studio one without chameleon create interference with your DAW.