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I didn't know this: IT WORKS EVERYWHERE!

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So yeah, so far it seems to work everywhere. Anywhere you would rather scroll the Dial than holding down the click and moving the mouse, as long as you have Elephant activated, you can use it! Changing the volume on YouTube, or navigating through the timeline on a video or anything else. Elephant works!!!

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Yes sure, anything you can control with the mouse, can be controlled rotating the dial.
The upcoming version 1.6 come with lot of improvements (making final test and debug right now before launch....patience)
One of the new features is better smooth control. In all previous version the control is a little jumpy and work super smooth only on MIDI mode, now let me said is super perfect, and the latency is near to non perceptible, all that + lot of combinations  you can do between mouse buttons.
Now will be highly suggested combine with a gaming mouse, but don't run to buy any gaming mouse, I explain some details of that soon.

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