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[Sticky] Elephant releases

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Elephant v1.9.3-b – 03-03-2021
This version fix activations problems happens on some situation.
If you not have any kind of problem with your activation, no need redownload and install this version.

Elephant v1.9.3 – 13-04-2020
Improvement:  Tuchpad/Trackball mode is more reliable now.

Elephant v1.9.2 – 30-03-2019
Bug fix: some unexpected behaviours on mouse mode in vertical mode.
New feature:  all mouse mode can be now inverted.

Elephant v1.9.1 – 17-03-2019
New feature:  Elephant now can send custom hotkeys.
Bug fix:  When Instant switch between modes when mode "On Dail Click Always Return To:"  is disabled, hotkeys fire events when menu is open.- Fixed
Bug fix:  Ultra higher amount of inconsistencies when switch from modes with hotkeys are now fixed.
Improvement: under scroll mode mouse pointer is now hidden.
New feature: TouchPad/Trackball is a new special mode to release Dial action when mouse is moved.
Some cosmetic fixes when enable MIDI only mode.
Documentation updated.

Elephant v1.8 – 1-02-2019

Bug fix: Knob mode, work in incorrect way -Fixed
Bug fix: On version 1.7, mouse in place on combined mode not start and user need select and unselect the option to enable mouse in place again - Fixed
Bug fix: The mystery X is removed.
New feature:  Instant switch between modes when mode "On Dail Click Always Return To:"  is disabled. 

Elephant v1.7 – 25-01-2019
New feature: added disable mouse in place for combined mode.

Elephant v1.6 – 15-01-2019
Bug fix:  Under version 1.5 the double tap on dial under "direct mode" work erratically - Fixed.
Bug fix:  After some hours of usage Elephant can crash - Fixed.
Bug fix:  Elephant is unable to start when MIDI port is already in use by some already opened software with port in use. -Fixed
Improvement:  duet the evolution of software now the system always work on direct mode, where if user want, is also is possible use the older mode, click and rotate the dial
Improvement:  When click the dial, some times, the action not is un-released and have to click the Dial again, now work perfect.
Improvement:   On mouse mode the response latency is lowered to ultra lower values.
Improvement:   On mouse mode the control is now ultra accurate, now is possible obtain values  superior than MIDI and ultra smooth response.
New features:  Config panel, the features come with this panel are extremely large to list here, I suggest watch the video when is ready.

Elephant v1.5 – 15-12-2018
Improvement:  Escape key, act as Surface Dial click. 
New feature:  Lock Mode, this mode make mouse action not disturb the Surface Dial control / operation. 
Lock mode is mandatory mode for work with VCV Rack, and Reaper.
User guide updated, section direct mode.

Elephant v1.4 – 11-12-2018
Improvement:  mouse pointer is hidden when control objects with the mouse/dial.
Improvement: All possible mouse modes are accessible trough a new menu.
New feature:  Control any slider or knob with COM mode without switch form modes.
Also added scroll mode and in place mouse control for knobs.
All user guide is updated.
Preparing the software internals for the extender project:

Elephant v1.3 – 5-09-2018
Improvement: better sensitivity and accuracy in mouse mode.
Improvement: 6 MIDI signals increased to 12.
Improvement: initial support for touch-screen.
Improvement: configurable MIDI channels and CC per MIDI signal.
New feature: hover your mouse and control (Direct Control mode).

Elephant v1.2 – 24-08-2018
Bug fix: under some scenarios mouse pointer disappear, requiring user click on screen to make pointer be visible again – 100% fixed.

Elephant v1.1 – 19-08-2018
Bug fix: some antivirus report Elephant software contain virus – 100% Fixed.
Improvement: the software run in single instance mode, preventing multiple instances of software be opened by mistake.

Elephant v1.0 – 18-08-2018
First release.

Elephant v1.0 is officially released 18-08-2018
Thanks to Robin Vincent for that nice and complete review.

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Elephant v1.9.3 released.

The software does not provide and will not provide mechanisms through the network to warn of the existence of a new version.  Subscribe to this topic if you want to know that a new version was released and is available for immediate download.  
Latest versión will be always availabe to dowload from the section "Downloads & User Guides" , check the top menu of the site