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I salute you for your wonderful program.
Thanks to this, it is very convenient to control the volume of the audio interface.
Let me make one suggestion
Is it not possible to assign a MIDI cc value even when the surface dial is clicked once? (One click, not press and hold to bring up the elephant menu)
If you can assign this function, I'm sure you can use it as a perfect controller (e.g. mute function)
I am currently combining the elephant program with a program called "UA MIDI CONTOL" to conveniently adjust the volume of the ua apollo x6.
If a button can be assigned a MIDI CC, I'd like to assign a "MUTE" function or a function that changes "OUTPUT MODE".
If only the CC value can be assigned, mapping the CC can be freely assigned to any function in the "UA MIDI CONTROL" program, so the degree of freedom in this combination is very high.
Thanks for reading.
Add to
It seems that the assignment of 12 cc values ​​can be changed through a hotkey combination, but it does not apply properly no matter what I do.
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