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[Solved] Use case: Elephant with Foobar and foo_vst wrapper VST 2.4

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Elephant looks really interesting! I want to use it and the Surface Dial to control VST plug ins in Foobar2000, which is not a DAW, but an audio player. I realize this is not quite the use case you are targeting.

Foobar requires a so called VST wrapper to link the VST plug ins to Foobar's output. I use the following VST 2.4 wrapper, foo_vst, How it does what it does, and whether that involves Midi I have no idea. Whether this is interesting for you I don't know, but the user base for Elephant would group substantially as there are many users of Foobar2000.

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Elephant can control knobs and sliders in a DAW and or VSTs.
If you want control in a accurate way you can doit using Elphant in mouse mode and or MIDI mode.
In your case mouse mode, will be the way, based on my little knowledge , Foobar2000 not support MIDI inputs.
I not have idea of the context or environment where you plan use, so no idea if fit properly.

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OK, after think about your issue, I come with a possible solutions for you, after all, Hi!computer, is that a place for MUSIC, CONTROLLERISM, AND DIY    🙂

Solution 1:
Use Elephant in mouse mode, this work with mouse click and turn the dial, or hover mouse and turn the dial in order to control a knob or slider on a hosted VST plugin. Remember !!! Elephant support mouse hover mode, just hover object, turn the dial.
This is a classic way to work in a music production environment, but I think you try to control some parameters on a VSTs plugins without use the mouse, in that case solution 2, is better

Solution 2:  
Take a look:,66650.0.html
In this case you no need MIDI yoke, elephant already provide virtual MIDI out port.
I think if you follow the steps, you can control some parameters on Foobar 2000 hosted VSTs using the MS Surface Dial.

Solution 3: 
Using a virtual audio wire, route the output audio of Foobar 2000, to a stand alone VST host.

But what is a  virtual audio wire?
Take a look:

Then the audio out of the stand alone VST host to your computer output.
Advantage of this method, there is tonz of stand alone VSTs host software, and you can build nice chained racks for process your audio, and not only that, add gorgeous audio meters,  all stand alone VST host provide MIDI input.
The limit is your CPU power and imagination 🙂

Solution 4:  
If you own a windows touchscreen tablet, or can buy one cheap chinese tablet,  I release in just few days, Chameleon software:
Chameleon   ........take a look on the top menu, Projects.
You can use MIDI out of chameleon  in order to control Foobar 2000 and make a nice custom touch control.

Take a look:,109287.0.html


Solution 5: 
Combine all this solutions, why not?
Hi!computer projects license is a single license, you can access to all current and upcoming projects with just one time payment.
ASAP, I release the Chameleon software and new version of Elephant, I can put some time to create some examples of how use this tools with Foobar 2000 or at least I try, is easy......or should be  ?