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Anyone done templates for Cubase Pro

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I'm wondering if anyone has done any templates for Cubase Pro, specifically for the Mix Console Window on a 1920x1080p touch monitor? Would be a really useful one to have "in the toolkit" given that Cubase 11 still does not support multitouch natively 🙁 and would possibly offer a great sales opportunity for Chameleon in that specific market.

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Some long time ago somebody create a template for Cubase, but he refuse to share or sell.
For sure there is nothing wrong in resell a template, anyway that template just disappear.
Also the contact and web pages disappear.

Maybe what I suggest will be the most longest road, but I suggest start to try to doit your self, of course this require time, but at the end you finish with something build at your needs. 
Ask here in the forum about anything you need or want as feature, if possible I implement and I help explaining about anything you need to know about Chameleon.

For sure, ill be here to help you!