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we need to see more customs made templates Poll is available till Oct 08, 2020


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Darm_ Maldives
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19/08/2020 9:47 am  

Hi all

I own an OLD DVS Screen probably 47" and a limited edition KS1974. One of the Limited Editions luckily. I haven't used both of them since the problem with the main company and having issues in gettings the service needed. but hats off to Pablo for his hard work on bringing this cool chameleon to life. 

Back then during the days of Emulator Pro for mac and pc I remember, there were very cool templates created by so many talented folks here. I just wanted to know if anyone could share any customs made templates here, or create some new ones. I fully understand the person who creates the template is the owner of it and anyone should not claim use or distribute without the consent of the guy who made it. my whole point is I just wanna see some cool stuff going around within this beautiful community we have. much love and stay blessed. hoping to see some cool templates in the future. 🙂

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22/08/2020 7:58 am  

HI Darm, all templates you see in the past are create few by me other by somebody in the TI.
The reality about Chameleon is a software for create custom templates. There is no general way to create templates works for everyone.
My suggestion, for you and others is start to learn to create your own templates. Is the best way to go and explode the power of software.
You have a full support here form me for any question or trouble you have in the middle. I not complaint duet community not share their templates, I always understand their create his own templates what are always their specific abstractions.

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