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[Solved] Removing CHAMELEON Midi Drivers

aaron johnson
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Hello! I have uninstalled Chameleon on one computer but the Chameleon MIDI drivers are still on the computer and showing up in all DAW/Midi software. In fact, I had updated from Chameleon 1.2 to 1.3 and so there are actually TWO versions of each Chameleon Driver (so, 2x Chameleon and 2x Chameleon-2). I've tried going to windows device manager and removing the software devices "Chameleon" and "Chameleon-2" but they are still showing up as MIDI devices, and those software devices reappear after restarting my computer.

I am concerned these may be causing conflicts with other MIDI drivers, any idea how to remove these Chameleon Midi devices permanently from Windows 10?

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The MIDI ports are like any other MIDI ports and not cause conflicts.
Anyway just go to device manager, on the list of devices search for "SOUND, VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS"  right click on the port/s select uninstall device.
I will check why not are disabled when uninstall and fix on the upcoming Chameleon version.

Please confirm if all is ok now.