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Suggestions on triggering / recording clips (scenes) in Bitwig.

Karl Muller
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Hi, I'm looking for ways to create something in Chameleon that will allow me to see, play and stop clips, and record MIDI into empty scenes.

One option is to have an empty page in Chameleon and just cut a hole out so I can use Bitwig's scenes options behind, but I'm wondering if there is another way to use buttons in Chameleon?

I have an 8x8 Novation Launchpad, so replicating something like that in Chameleon would be good, if possible. How has anyone else managed this, if it's even possible?

Ultimately I'd like to use it live - have some clips playing that I can trigger, and then record MIDI parts that I play live into other scenes. It would also need to scroll across an entire set, not remain fixed at 8x8.

A screen shot of Bitwig (very similar to Ableton) is attached.


Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions!

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Bitwig as Ableton is scriptable at deep levels, you should check for some script already created by somebody or write your own.