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Encoder Mode

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It would be helpful if the instructions were a bit more detailed regarding Encoder Mode. By experimenting, I figured out that in this mode the MIDI messages will have just two possible data values: 7F or 01 by default.

The capabilities of Elephant, now that I have figured out how to use it, are very impressive.  I say this as a retired software developer and computer scientist with decades of experience. 

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You can use any encoder value, 7fh/01h   where 7f is = to 127 and 01 is = 1 , this is just one of more common modes used.
Also can use 3fh/41h  where 3f is = to 63      ,   and 41 is = to  65  (you are coder i think no need this, just paste here in case other user with no  knowledge see this)

You need to check encoders mode supported for what you want control.

Values correspond to MIDI data sent on clockwise or anti clockwise.

If you can invest some time to help with improvement of the user guide /encoder mode,  I really appreciate that. 

Is a honor you see Elephant as a very impressive software, spread the voice!! that also help a lot.
Will be very useful if you can write a full review here in the forum.
Nice if review have pics......for sure I can publish your review in the latest news area of the site 🙂

Also you should invest later some time in Chameleon, is another nice to use and very useful software, touch screen are cheap at this days.