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[Sticky] Sending MIDI from elpehant to a external MIDI device.

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In this short guide I explain how can setup in easy way Elephant to send MIDI to a external device, can be any device support MIDI, lighting console, external Synth, another software running on another computer trough wired network or WIFI (MAC or PC), etc.
In this example I sent MIDI to my ICON MI5 what is 4x4  USB MIDI patch BAY, in order to sent MIDI to my older Yamaha TG33 using MIDI wire.



Yamaha TG33

The first step is download Copperlan, a powerful free MIDI tool we use in this tutorial for patch the MIDI output of Elephant to external MIDI.

After download an install Copperlan, run Cooperlan manager.
The software ask for setup a network interface if you not plan send MIDI to another computer trough network, ignore that and continue.
Otherwise, just setup.

In the top menu, choose CONNECT.
Now wait for a second, in the middle of screen you see a text named MIDI.
Click on MIDI, now you see the MIDI port of  Elephant software.


Now, select Elephant MIDI port.


Now select MIDI virtual cable and add a cable.


Now in the list my USB patch bay is listed CUBE MI5, in your case will be your MIDI device.


I selected in my case MIDI out 1 of my device (my device count with 4 MIDI outputs)


Great, your device is selected.


That is all, if you follow all steps at this point you are making a virtual patch allow to connect Elephant with a external device.
Now with MIDI mode enabled on Elephant, every time I turn the dial, my MI5 cant sent MIDI trough output 1.

20180821 033602

That is all!
Don't forget can use Cooperlan to send MIDI to another computer, PC or MAC, trough wired network or trough WIFI.