Panda, The Legacy Touch Fixer

Working with multi-touch software under windows is a great experience, but  when you add a additional monitors to your setup a little but really ugly trouble appear. A classic scenario is setup  2 monitors and  run in one monitor your DAW or the non touch capable software, then on the second and touch capable monitor, run the multi-touch software there. Every time you  touch the multi-touch software the mouse pointer jumps to the touch point, this mouse legacy OS behaviour is really a trouble, you have to drag your mouse from one screen to other all the time. Panda fix this issue, can be used on studios setups, kiosk setups,  custom integrations etc. Please note there is nothing wrong with the MS Windows legacy touch  implementation, the legacy mode is needed to use a touch screen with software don’t support native multi-touch events.

Note: Chameleon already support this feature, no need download this software