YourDirectorAI User Guide

Preparing OBS

In order to use YourDirectorAI with OBS, it is highly suggested install the latest version for Windows from

Then you need to download and install this 2 plugins, close OBS, install the plugins:

Download OBS Websockets

Download OBS NDI

If OBS Websockets is correctly installed you will see OBS Websocket available as this:

Open Websocket Server Settings and select Enable WebSocket server checkbox.

About NDI if it is installed correctly you will see NDI in the top menu and NDI and as a filter.
NDI as a Filter is what we use, just add a filter on the Video Capture Source you want as a tracker source for YourDirectorAI , remember there should be a scene with you framed at center.
Right click on Video Capture Source, then select Filters.

Right click on Effect Filters and select Dedicated NDI output.

Now after add NDI out, customize the name, something OBS or any name you want.  After setup the name close and open again OBS in order the change by applied to NDI stream on the network.

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