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Template for combination rekordbox and Asus Zenbook dualscreen

Jan Willem van de Groep
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I made this template for rekordbox user who own an Azus ZenBook dualscreen laptop. The screen of a normal laptop isn't often a good working alternative for a mixer and a CD-player. But when you use this combination it works perfect. 

Compliments for the tool. I think it is to cheap! there are soem bugs issues so I hope you will develop it futher than it is now.  


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Hello Jan,
Thanks for your words and for share taht captures.
Will be very cool see video of the template in action, Azus ZenBook is an awesome machine and see template running on that will be super cool.
Please  when you have some time, reports bugs here in the forum on a new thread in order I can take a look and fix.

This is the area to report bugs:

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