Create your custom controller interface for any MIDI software or hardware. Chameleon includes all standard objects like sliders, knobs, pads, encoders and much more. Best of all, every component is fully customizable. The software is solid as a rock, you can rely on it for live performances or your day by day tasks in the studio, lighting, experimental usage and much more.
Chameleon use  a state of art low latency MIDI engine.

Easy To Use

Designed for flexibility and ease. Build your controller template from scratch and customize all aspects with ease. As a Chameleon morph your controller at any time to a new features, the limit is your imagination.

Limited time offer $9.99 !


All Touch Devices, All MIDI software

Chameleon can run on any Windows 10 PC,  capacitive touch device or monitor is highly suggested,  but also work on IR touch computers or frames. Create your custom template for DAWs, DJ software, Lighting or any MIDI capable software!