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Flakey behaviour in Bitwig

David May
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Hi Pablo,

I've been using the dial in Bitwig to control clip tempo, when syncing audio.


The dial fails to initialise the drag.

I can make it work by dragging the tempo value using the mouse, and after this the dial will start controlling.

Once controlling, it works perfectly.

The issue is with getting it to start the drag.


The steps are:

- Drag audio into bitwig

- Set mode to repitch in Audio Event properties 

- Try to use dial to control the tempo value


I've tried both combination and knob mode, both seem the same.

I'm using trackpad mode in the config.





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I take a look on that in some moment, this can be related to how Bitwig is coded an probably a thing cant be fixed from my side.
I suggest map tempo value to MIDI using elephant,  and maybe comment this to Bitwig team.
Anyway I take a look in some moment.

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