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Is it possible to use a (very) high sensitivity in MCU Mode?

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I just started to use Elephant and want to use my MS Dial mainly as a Scrub/Jog Wheel with Cubase. I have installed and configured everything and scrubbing in MCU mode is working, but I really want to use a very high sensitivity (so my locator moves very fast within Cubase when scrubbing) and have no idea if this is possible at all? The highest possible sensitivity/speed is not fast enough for me.
Any idea what I can do?

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Reduce the number of sensitivity you need  send more MIDI pulses per rotation if want move more faster, reduce to 1, what is equal to one MIDI pulse per degree.
That is related more to how the MCU is coded inside the DAW, no idea if cubase support adjust sensitivity of JOG in some place, I think no.
I think ona update i can increase that to decimal, so send one pulse every 0.1 degree, anyway duet the nature of MIDI i wont think that work ok but I test soon.