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[Solved] Multiple PCs - License

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hey there,

first of all thank you for this great piece of software. i bought a license yesterday and experimented with it a little bit on my main pc.
now i do have a surface, too, and i would like to use this app on both pcs.

i would surely buy a second license, but i'm kind of irritated by the fact that i need to create a new user at checkout? will this license
get added to my account if i use the same data as with the first purchase?

so, do i need a second license, and if so, how should i proceed about buying it?


(Sorry for my english, it's not my native language)


regards and keep up the great work,



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You no need irritate lol.
Install on the second computer with same account. 
Happy with the software? 
I always appreciate  a second order/second license as a collab of happy users in order I can continue dedicating time to the project.